Things To Consider Before Buying A Rifle Safe

Things To Consider Before Buying A Rifle Safe

As a responsible rifle owner, it is your duty to make sure your rifle is kept securely to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. In an event of a burglary, aside from losing a valuable investment, your rifle could be used to cause harm against you and your family. Additionally, when your rifle gets accessed by curious children, teens, and mentally unstable family members, it could potentially lead to firearm-related accidents. In Australia, laws have been put into place, requiring rifle owners to store any firearms they own in lockable safes. Nevertheless, you will need to know the things to consider before buying a rifle safe to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

 If you are looking to comply with state laws and want to secure your rifle for the obvious safety reasons, here are the things to consider before buying a rifle safe.

 1. Size

Before buying a rifle safe, you need to check how large you need your storage to be. If you have more than one firearm or are inclined to collect more in the future, it is wise to purchase a sizeable one. You will also need to have enough space to secure and open the safe conveniently. Equally important, you need to consider its size if you need your rifle safe to double as storage space for other important documents and valuables. This could save you time and money in the long run.

2. Weight

Your main reason for purchasing a rifle safe is to keep your weapon and other valuables from being taken away. However, if your safe can be easily carried and moved around, this will prevent it from serving its purpose. You can consider bolting it to a piece of furniture or wall, but it’s also sensible to get a heavy rifle safe that won’t be easily lifted from one place to another.

3. Fire Protection

Unforeseeable events like fire can cause substantial damage to your property. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you purchase a rifle safe with fire protection to keep your firearm and its bullets. Choose a rifle safe that can withstand a raging fire for at least one hour. If you can’t afford one with a 1-hour rate, find the longest rate you can get at your budget. Keep in mind that it could take a long time to calm down and totally extinguish a fire. You will need to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario.

4. Lock Mechanism

Keeping your safe in a hidden location will help to secure it. However, in case your kids, intruders, or any unauthorised persons make their way to your safe, it’s good to have a secure locking mechanism to keep its contents inaccessible. A good option is a hi-tech locking mechanism, such as voice command, digital or biometric. It limits access to their owner and, you will not need to use keys, which could be lost, misplaced, or fall into the wrong hands.

5. Price

The higher the price of a product, the better its quality will be. This is a good guide in finding a quality rifle safe. Usually, they are expensive because they are made out of sturdy materials and have additional security features. However, keep in mind that every product offers different features; some of them may not apply to you. Check the features of the rifle safe and make sure you are not paying for additional features you might not even need.

6. Brand

There are a lot of rifle safes available online or in your local store. To help narrow down your search, it’s prudent to learn more about rifle safe brands first. A popular safe manufacturer will naturally give you a quality product. Find out which features they offer and check the customer reviews that they get. Some good rifle safe brands include CMI, Chubbsafes, Secuguard, and Guardall.

Follow this guide of things to consider before buying a rifle safe and find the best product for you. Just remember to check the warranty of your safe. It is worth checking if your chosen safe offer a lifetime warranty so you can also make your rifle safe a lifetime investment.