Best Place To Put Your Home Safe

Best Place To Put Your Home Safe

Where To Place A Safe In Your Home

Your safe serves as protection for your valuables from burglaries and natural disasters. However, when it comes to installing a safe in your home, location is a major consideration. It is important to place it strategically to avoid being quickly accessed by intruders or getting damaged by a fire or flood. Although there is no sure-fire location that is suitable for every home, here are some of the best places to install a safe to protect your valuables from its biggest threats: burglary, fire, and floods.


As much as you want to keep your belongings close, keeping a safe inside your bedroom is not a good idea. Your bedroom is the first place burglars will expect to find it. Keep your safe hidden in low-traffic and difficult-to-find parts of the house. Remember, the most secure safe is the one that canʼt be found. Since burglars will experience difficulty and take time to find your safe, the possibility of your valuables remaining secure increases as well. Some best places to put your home safe to protect it from burglars are:

In the Wall

Although fairly common, it is still an effective location for hiding a safe. However, you should remember to camouflage it. Get creative. Instead of hiding it behind a painting or a picture, as is usually the case, try to conceal it at the back of a bookcase, mirror, or any of your large appliances.


A floor safe could be your best bet for concealment. And since they are fitted to the floor with a concrete foundation, theyʼre also very hard to remove. Once installed, you can hide them by simply placing a rug, a huge plant, or a piece of furniture on top.

The Attic

The attic is difficult to access and because burglars want to get in and out of your home as quickly as possible, they wonʼt think to try finding a way to get there. Just donʼt forget to keep ladders away and lock the hatch. In the attic, you can safely hide a large safe behind a pile of cardboard boxes.

Behind a Drawer

If you have a small safe, a kitchen drawer could be a great place to hide it. Just add in a false bottom or back edge and keep your safe inside the gap. A burglar is less inclined to look for your safe in a drawer crammed with kitchen utensils.


Fire is one of the biggest threats to your home and your valuables. Even if your safe is fire resistant, it is still necessary to place it where it is most secure. The best places to place your safe in case of a fire are:

At the corner where two outside walls meet

Placing your safe at this spot gives it the most protection and support.

The ground floor

If you live in a multi-level house, storing your safe at the lowest floor makes it easier for you to access it and remove your valuables during emergencies.

Within the range of sprinklers

If your home is equipped with an emergency system, your safe will be more secure in areas where the fire is quickly extinguished.


If you are prone to experiencing floods in your home, keep your safe installed above ground level. A floor safe would not be a wise choice for you. You can use a wall safe or construct a steel or concrete base for your safe. To further secure your valuables, store them in waterproof containers.

You can also customise some areas and furniture in your house to make room for your safe. Use this article to guide you in choosing the most secure location in your home. With a little imagination, finding the best place to put your home safe can easily be achieved. For the best safes and proper installation, itʼs best to seek help from trained professionals.